Project Orientation Programme

Project Orientation programme was conducted at 10 target villages from 8th to 16th August 2022. The project is implemented in ten Project Villages of Tuibong Block, Churachandpur district, Viz, i. Songpi ii. S. Molhoi iii. Mata Lambulane and M. Gangpijang iv. Vaojang v. Kotsohoi and E. Bungjang vi. Patlen vii. Gamnom viii. D. Vaison ix. Jolzam x. S. Phaipijang village.

Project Launching Programme

An official launching of the programme was conducted at the RAS resource center on the 20th September, 2022. Farmers and village leaders from the target villages were invited at this event. Officials from various departments were also invited to grace the programme and their cooperation and support was seek for the success of the project.

Baseline Survey and Participatory Rural Appraisal

Baseline Survey and PRA exercises were conducted from 22nd August to 2nd December 2022 in two clusters consisting of 10 villages in Tuibong Block of Churachandpur district, Manipur. Five (5) days each were spent in completing both baseline survey and PRA exercises in one (1) village. Under these activities, an in-depth study of the target villages was conducted with inputs from the farmers. Various activities were covered under PRA with participation from the farmers.

These exercises were carried out carried out to gain a better understanding and deeper insight of the targeted villages in terms of development, resource availability, livelihood opportunities and farming systems, and to support participatory planning process for each village. About nine Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) exercises were conducted in each village: Historical Timeline; Transact Walk; Social Mapping; Resource Mapping; Venn Diagram; Mobility Mapping; Seasonal Calendar; Wealth Ranking; Matrix scoring and Ranking; and Focus Group Discussions.

Formation of Village Development Committees (VDC)

In all the 10 target villages, Village Development Committees were formed from 5th December to 16th December 2022. The VDC comprise 9 members of whom 2 males from VA, 2 of which 1 male and 1 female from Church, 2 members of which 1 male and 1 female from Youth Club, 2 women members from women organisation and 1 male or female from the professional background. The primary objective of forming the VDCs is to have a body of representatives who are farmers themselves, and can develop and facilitate development plans for the village and for improved coordination with programme related to the project.

Seminar on Bokashi system of livestock management

A seminar on Bokashi system of livestock management was organised at the Rural Aid Service (RAS) resource centre on the 21st to 25th of October 2022. At this event, farmers and SHGs from the target villages participated. Mr. Khamsanglian, an Agri-entrepreneur and expert in the bokashi system was the resource person/Trainer at the event. At this seminar, knowledge regarding the systematic and scientific methods of bokashi system was imparted to the farmers.

Preparation of land and saplings for model plot of food forest

 From the 9th of January 2023, training on food forest and preparation of land and collection of seeds with preparation of nursery for saplings of all the 5 species of plants (Anphui, Aige, Chonbeh, Thingthupi, Sapthei) was done in coordination VDCs and beneficiaries from the target villages. An advance preparation is required since the model plot of food forest are mostly wild plants and nurseries do not nurture them and that the units of model plots are to be implemented in the second six months.

Formation and Orientation program of SHGs

From 7th February 2023, a total of 30 women SHGs consist of 10 to 15 members in each group from 10 project Villages were formed. This women Self Help Groups help in the upliftment of the status of rural women and also help in building leadership quality. Since most of the women in project area has no regular income generation, SHGs will play a vital role in advocating financial management and step forward for earning. The Project Implementing agency take initiative for women SHGs and will organise various training for members of the groups.