Spring shed based watershed development

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development is an apex body for Overall regulation and licensing of regional rural bank and apex co-operative bank India. It is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India. NABARD provides refinance assistance for agriculture promoting rural development activities. It also provides all necessary finance and assistance to small scale Industries. In order to revive and rejuvenate springs which are lifeline of the North-Eastern Region (NER) and minimize the adverse impact of climate change on water availability both for human consumption and irrigation specially during off-season, NABARD has launched an innovative and integrated spring shed based watershed program. Considering importance of watershed development in management of natural resources for sustainable livelihoods as well important role that springs play in water resources management, it is proposed to develop spring shed based watershed management program based on the principles of participatory watershed management. Measures of control of soil and water erosion including dry land bench terrace, gully control measures with brushwood dam, contour staggered trench, gabion type check dam, series of Earthen dug out pond for discharge of rainwater through subsurface flow and afforestation with high economic value trees and horticulture crops like Litchi, Avocado crops are planted for moisture availability and creation of sustainable income generation for the community. 

Objectives of spring shed based watershed development

  • Revival of dying spring for irrigation and drinking water purpose

  • Enrichment of soil fertility through control of soil and water erosion

  • Afforestation for restoration of ecological balance

  • Dry land horticulture for creation of alternate livelihood opportunities to the poor tribal families

  • Promotional of sustainable farming practices like organic farming, etc.

  • Rain harvesting

  • Community organization and community development

  • Gender development and landless, labor, development

The Rural Aid Service initiated the Spring shed Based Watershed Development Project being the need based of the people of Churachandpur and accordingly the project was submitted to NABARD in 2020. Due to COVID Pandemic it was not progress even after approval of the project. However, NABARD was kind enough to process with the good intention of bringing development to the target community. RAS as the implementing Agency appreciate NABARD for their concern for the community.

Tribal Development Fund

Project Theme: Sustainable and Partcipatory livelihood progrmmes through Wadi Model .