RAS Microfin. Services

Microfinance to the rural SHGs is a way to raise the income level and improve the living standards and economic independence of the rural women. The impact on their lives is not just an economic one, gaining more self-confidence is often a more lasting achievement that forms the basis for social and economic improvements.


Objectives Micro-finance Service

The main aims and objectives of the RAS Microfin. Services was to strengthen the poor rural women inculcating the habit of saving, creating opportunity to provide credit linkage to neglected area especially who are still un-served and undeserved areas. The project also provides quality credit services to strong and vibrant SHGs/JLGs by generating income through different activities. It also aims to empower and upgrade the status of women in rural areas

No. of Beneficiaries covered : 8864beneficiaries

No. of SHGs or JLGs covered : 130 groups

Delivery Model of RMFS, SHG or JLG : Through SHGs/JLGs

Through this Micro-finance Service program, the people regardless of religion, caste, race ethnicity or gender could strengthen their linkage between financial development institution, economic growth and poverty alleviation, witnessing the success and potential clients in the districts.