Sustainable Environment

RAS at the Forefront for Sustainable Environment

One – day Meeting and Workshop on Tribal Land Rights, Carbon Trading, National and International Policy on Carbon Trading, and Payment of Ecosystem Services (PES) was conducted at RAS Resource Centre, Tuibong at 10:30 AM, on 19th March, 2024. It was organized by Rural Aid Service(RAS) and sponsored by BFTW, Germany. The event targeted CSOs, NGOs, Chiefs and other stakeholders.

The event had 2 Resource Persons:

1. Retired Professor Lal Dena, who delved into the historical context of tribal land rights.
2. Miss Breeze Kimneithem, an Independent Interdisciplinary Researcher, who explored Carbon Trading alongside National and International Policy, and Payment of Ecosystem Services (PES)

Key takeaways from the event, to be implemented by RAS

1. Raise awareness about land-rights, ownership and sustainable usage.
2. Enhance local understanding of Carbon Trading.
3. As the local pioneer in raising awareness about Carbon Trading and Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES), RAS will conduct follow-up activities with thorough research and introduce Carbon Trading if and when the core need arises.
4. Promote traditional Carbon storage methods like Agroforestry, Afforestation, Reforestation, Mixed Cropping and Crop Rotation.
5. Implement PES through acknowledgment or tangible rewards, contingent upon assessment and adjustments.