The project of “Enhanced Ecosystem, Livelihoods Resilience and Durable Peace in the state of Manipur” was a joined partnership project of 6 NGOs led by RNBA which in fact started since 2006 as an EED project and which was switched over to BROT in April 2017.



Formation of youth voluntary group

Youth voluntary groups are formed in three villages viz G.Songgel, Leisantampak and Haotakphailen. The main purpose of formation of youth groups is to coordinate and link government schemes and entitlement for the villagers. The group was formed for a better governance between the youth and implementing agency, and to involved the youth in decision making


Enhance Food basket & Improved Nutrition.

A traditional crop is an indigenous species native to a specific region or one that was introduced a long time ago and, due to long use, has naturalized and become part of the culture of a community. It was introduced to ensure food and income security while ensuring biodiversity conservation, traditional crops are being domesticated at homestead. A traditional crop like Chonbeh, Aige, etc were preserved from extinction.