North Eastern Region Community Resource Management Project

Rural Aid Service was a project partner of NERCORMP III from the beginning of the project in 2014 and current reporting period is 31st March2020 completing the sixth years and also to be the last year for the project. Due to certain reason like Covid-19 pandemic the project might be extended to some months but technically the project was supposed to be ended by 31st March 2020. RAS was allotted 46 NaRMG’s and we are able to promote 117 SHG’s covering Tuibong, Kangvai and Henglep blocks of Churachandpur district. The NERCORMP III Project main activities are around Agriculture, Horticulture, Livelihood, Natural Resource Management Livestock, Non-Farm, Social infrastructure and Community Biodiversity e Community Biodiversity etc.


COVID19 pamphlet and relief materials distribution at Koitelui Area.


In Agriculture & Horticulture 150 unit released to 131 beneficiaries as per work plan and budget amounting Rs.33,07,642/- In Livestock we cover 233 units with 139 beneficiaries amounting Rs. 6,05421/- in Non-Farm sector 84 beneficiaries amounting to Rs.35,63,000/-

In social infrastructure 146 units has been released to 46 NARMGY for construction of CFC, box, culvert, IVR, LCL, Gi Pipe, Safe drinking water (SDW)etc. altogether Rs.1,94,13,670/- has been released in these sector